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Who we are / Who I am

The short intro: Dynamind walks the middle road between multimedia design and software architecture. A creative convergence of two different (but creative) disciplines that allow me to approach problems from fresh and unexpected angles.

Years ago I noticed that creatives and techies speak different languages, hurting their potential to synergize. For the past 5 years when my company was growing up financially and professionally, I witnessed many starting companies that reached out towards the other end. As a sort-of hybrid Photoshop-savvy designer, Flash coder/animator, PHP and Java developer, I won my first contracts selling design expertise to tech companies and vice-versa. It started out as a logical exponent of my personal skill-set, but has slowly evolved into somewhat of a business vision.

Im a perfectionist yet I like to take risks. This can be a tough combo, but it keeps my life and work exciting. Right now my company is just me but I would love to sell this vision of united creative technologists to other talented professionals.

I know of a saying in Holland: the carpenters fence squeaks. Well 5 years in the business and I havent handed out a single business card for 2 years. Thats just because the address is wrong, but I cant just fix that the style needs updating. And so on. And while I advise multinational corporations on Internet strategies I havent applied my expertise to my own website I actually took it down.

In my attempts to solidify a corporate style I have failed to produce anything compelling. Im too close up. I need someone able to stand back and tell me what my logo should be. Ive seen some brilliant work on this website so I think I found the right place.

My preferences

I like geometric shapes, curves and gradients. Nothing too playful though, or too pretentious.

Keywords are humble, strong, intelligent, creative.

The name Dynamind needs to be in there. Case doesnt matter whatever looks best.

I like to be able to use it on both dark- and light-coloured backgrounds.

One of my own designs included a square grid from which a flame-like shape erupted. To me that suggests creative passion with structure underneath. It is a complete break from my original logo with a curve which suggested two halves of a brain (left + right brain). You may take this as inspiration but please dont let my own ideas limit you in any way!

My original slogan was dream, create. I still like it but if you can come up with something in the same spirit, youre welcome to it!



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