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Not satisfied with the current Taco Truck serving gourmet food in Los Angeles, we went out and found a Vintage Double Decker Bus, we figured add another level, take things to a new level.

After months of kitchen design and redesign the bus is being built! A full kitchen on the bottom, with rooftop dining open air! Bar Counter height granite tables and granite counters around the railing it will be the place to eat. Lounge music and soft white LED lighting under the tables. The bus will never transport people, it will goto a location update where it physically is and stay at the location for 3-4 hours.

World Fare is the name of the concept/brand. The bus will be wrapped/skinned in a sketch/chalk style map, a graffiti style artwork, graphics and artwork still to be decided. We are leaning towards bold colors in terms of the skin, and the wrap.

The logo / skin / name should all convey the same design direction and theme.

The bus is going to be launched in Los Angeles and we want it to be a place to have a great meal with like minded people, the bus is going to bring people together through different flavors, textures of international dishes. We are taking the best of global dishes and making them accessible through our Chef's interpretation on these specialties. Great food is a cornerstone of what we are doing and integral to the success and branding of the concept.

The bus: modern. Sleek, cool, chic, fashionable, non pretentious

Watch the stop motion for a feel of the bus in its current form http://worldfare.com/about/bus-build

The upstairs deck will have a black floor, brushed stainless sides, white and black granite counters and table. Large umbrellas, check out this site for look and feel of umbrellas. http://www.tuuci.com/product/4/razor

Check out the website www.worldfare.com for pictures of the bus in its current form. Please do not think the look and feel of the website is where we are going... this was just put together to get the content in one place the look and feel will change based on the design direction.


We need a killer logo, the logo should have broad appeal and be iconic.

The bus is not required as part of the logo we are not against having it incorporated in the logo.

If the logo incorporates the food concept it would be a plus as the word "fare" is not colloquial.


We have 3 major customers,

Professionals, 25-50 hard working want to grab a good lunch but they just want to step out the building to get it. 11am - 3pm

Event catering - same audience as above the bus is mobile and will create the event. Possible Bar and DJ on the top deck, kitchen serving food below.

Late Night Club/Bar Crowd, 21 - 40 party goers leaving the bar and club who want the night to continue and have some great food.


I have attached some images of looks and feels that are directions that we have played with, chalkboard, map of the world with food sayings is something we have been playing with for the skin of the bus.



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