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Divvy Technologies internal motto is "Do well, by doing good". We serve others AND the world. We are more than a technology company. We SOLVE ploblems, not "fix" them. We embrace diversity. We believe that differing perspectives and opinions create BETTER solutions. We create SYSTEMIC solutions that address the underlying CAUSE of problems. We find and treat the the "disease" that causes the symptoms. One cause can create MANY problems, To do this, we create unique BUSINESS MODELS and technology solutions that make projects self-sustaining/sometimes continually fund themselves. Example- Advertising supported digital signs can play ads AND perform a public service, such as public safety warnings, informing people about important events. Etc. The same digital sign may contain sensors that check can also monitor and ensure air quality. We cross-pollinate BEST-IN-CLASS hardware, software, and cloud-based technologies to create COMPREHENSIVE, efficiency enhancing solutions. We choose the "BEST" technology and business models because we want to SOLVE the problem. Others just sell more of thier OWN products, even if they are not the best tool for the job. Common themes- "Everything and everyone is connected", “Interoperable”- Hardware and systems that do entirely different things but, when networked/can talk to each other, can amazing things that exceed anyone’s expectations. Think about distributed computing- personal computers are networked to search for extraterrestrial life OR mine Bitcoin and SO much more! "The 1+1=5 effect" - Solutions that address multiple problems at the same time! Think about how the Android operating system made app developers in a garage EVERY BIT as important as MYCROSOFT! We EMPOWER individuals, care DEEPLY about our clients, communities, and entire societies. We embrace diversity! Because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! Think about a vegetable- if there weren’t several strains. ONE disease could wipe out the entire species and cause mass famine! For us, problems are almost always opportunities to design solutions that address MUCH MORE than the original problem. Our solutions are sustainable. We are EXTREMLY powerful because we care! This isn't just a job for us. We want to create positive meaningful changes for the world. We THRIVE on complex problems and complex ecosystems, but we create solutions that make sense, are easy to use. Becausen we cherish EMPATHAY! We work incredibly hard because we are DEDICATED. Our work is our PASSION! We think you get out of something, what you put IN TO it. Can’t you tell? 😊 Now, show us YOUR creativity! Help us make the world a better place…


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Divvy Technologies

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Efficent, Innovative, Human


It comunicates that we are reliable and responsible, wildly creative, able to comprehend and create (if needed) extreemly complex ecosystims, we get the "big picture", we care about people, respect people, want to and CAN make the world a better place, KNOW that we are all connected, are trustworthy and INTELECTUALLY HONEST. All of this, and our humility more makes us incredibly POWERFUL. Our clients should want us for our diverse expertise, known INTEGRATY and ability to roll up our sleeves and SOLVE (not "fix") their problems

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Everyone is as important or unimportant as they make themselves to be. Use your passionate creativity to make yourself the most important person in the world to us! (it's what we do ;)



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