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Darling Direct Marketing

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Been in Direct Marketing since 1980. Worked for many of the industry's most prestigious and recognizable clients. Started own company 15 years ago. Redesigned corporate graphics a year ago, but never been really happy with result. Needs a balancing act between demonstrating our creative flair without losing hold of our credibility. If it's too "creative" it looks frivolous. It must be engaging and visually appealing without losing sight of the fact that we're a legitimate business with a ton of experience. I've included files of the newly designed one from last year for reference. I don't have an inherent dislike of the target graphic we used, but I find the overall impression too weak to continue to use it. Feel free to take any or all elements you think worthy of keeping or abandon them all if you wish. I don't care how you get to the finish line, as long as we win the race. Feel free to start from scratch or modify what we've already done. Color, font, graphics, all up to you.

Ultimately, I'm going to need a logo by itself, and then have it translated on a business card, envelope, letterhead and mailing label. How you present them it also up to you. Might make sense to take one element like the letterhead, to demonstrate your thinking, and then expand into the other iterations once you have some positive feedback from me. I don't expect you to knock out all of these elements without some sign from me that we're on the right path. Later, I'm going to be looking for a website, and the basic design elements you use will need to be morphed into that as well, but we need this project done before we tee that one up. One word of caution, I do not like the red swipe down the left side of the letterhead. To me it interferes with where I want to put the body copy and screws up my margin settings. Any questions, comments, concerns, etc. please feel free to drop me a line. I'm really looking forward to seeing your work.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Creative flair Corporate credibility Common sense, or more appropriately, uncommon sense.................and of course, let's not forget engaging, recognizable and uncluttered.............not to mention clean, adaptable, scalable........and who can forget sustainable, unique, elegant........and if you call right now..................

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Wouldn't want to rule anything out without looking at it. Can say that if a graphic element is used, it obviously must bring something appropriate and relevant to the table. The stylized "target" we used last time made sense because direct marketing is all about "targeting" who you want to communicate with. Secondary impression is hitting the bullseye. I'm not sure a graphic element is mandatory, but I certainly wouldn't rule one out. Properly designed, it can bring help a logo stand out from the pack. There are a ton of color combos I like including blacks, gold, tans, reds, yellows, but I don't want to eliminate anything now just because I can't conjure up an image of it in my minds eye. Use your own sensibilities and discretion. If you do, my guess is you'll eliminate pinks and baby blue and the earthquake font on your own.



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