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This logo is going to be used for an updated software package that is targeting structural engineers and others involved in design and construction of concrete masonry buildings.


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Direct Design Software v3.0

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The logo should help to convey that this software can design concrete masonry (concrete block structures), is fresh, new, and modern.

Additional Info

The current logo we have for the software is uninspired. YOu can see it at www.directdesignsoftware.com. It is simply a 'software box'. For this logo we want it to better convey something relative to the construction that this software is being used for. Potentially some type of building (or series of buildings) with a pattern that conveys masonry. Also looking for somethign fresh, new, and exciting. But it must also be professional as the design community we deal with tends a bit more towards the conservative. I have attached two screen shots for inspiration. One is a building icon, and the other is a masonry pattern icon (although for concrete masonry the individual units tend to be a bit taller). These are only examples, as we do not have rights to use these specific items. Just some possible inspiration. But we are also open to the designer's creativity as well.



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