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Business Info

Business Name

LisbethSalanders.com, Lisbeth Salanders. Lisbeth Salander's

What do you do?

Internet media information and fan site

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

18 - 54 Women & Men - Contemporary Pop Culture - Book readers and movie fans

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate to your audience?

We would like the image to be edgy, goth-like, insurgent and bold,

Style and Concept

What styles do you like?

We are looking at three or four different design approaches for this logo.
1.) We would like to see a logo that resembles the Indian Motorcycles font style. The font may be called Metro script? (see attached ) The logo can have either an apostrophe s at the end of Salanders or just Salanders without the apostrophe. The .com can be de-emphasized or not on the logo at all. If possible like the Indian logo, if we can incorporate a "oriental" single colored dragon in a circle or otherwise that would be great.

2.) The logo could be using a grunge or gothic approach. The font we like is attached and is called Chato-band. Same applies for the apostrophes (either or)and the .com

3.) We would like to see a logo that has a font that could be best described as a tribal Maori loop tattoo look to it. This logo would incorporate a tribal dragon tattoo (see attached). Same applies for the apostrophes (either or)and the .com

4.) Any design that could incorporate an oriental dragon style to it would also be considered.

Any questions at all please dont hesitate to contact us. Thanks

What colors do you like or hate?

We don't like greens, pinks, greys, no non-agressive colors. We like reds, black, yellows even some blues may work.

Any other additional info? (optional)

Lisbeth Salander is one of two central characters in the Millennium trilogy series written by Stieg Larsson. The logo should reflect Lisbeths complicated nature. She dresses in Goth fashions, has numerous tattoos (including a dragon on her back) various piercings.

She is, short, slight in stature, attractive, tough, an accomplished hacker and a mathematic savant with a photographic memory. She is troubled, disturbed and affected by painful events early in her life. She is a person bent on revenge against a system and individuals that have taken advantage of her and let her down most of her life.

Now, how would you design a logo that would encompasses these characteristics. What would Lisbeth like? What would her fans like? You show us



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