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I am a therapist. I counsel parents/caregivers of children with disabilities.


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Counseling For Caregivers LLC

Top 3 Things

Spiritually Powerful, Liberation, Healing (Caregivers are strong & resilient people; they have to be, in order to keep providing care to others, throughout the years.)


The vision for this logo is: a blue jay wing splayed out in a spiral. The feathers are slightly overlapping and tipped in white. The feathers are gradients of peacock blue-green at the base of the feather as moving on up the feather into royal-cobalt blue. As with actual blue jay wing feathers, the gradients are separated by bands of black. The company name: a stylish script or block print font written over and/or integrated into the wing is preferred. The use of watercolors and/or with pen and ink is preferred but is not mandatory. An alternative logo design idea is, a side or back profile image of a blue jay in flight with or without its head turning to look at you. It's wings are open wide in flight. I am choosing blue jay feathers because with animal totems, they represent healing. The blue jay represents "knowing your own power" and being "fearless." As for accents, I like spirals and lines of dots. On this logo I do not want to see: a rainbow of colors or have it be overly busy with very small details. A flowing simplistic design is better. The logo needs to appeal to both men and women, so it should not be overly masculine (animal hunting imagery) or overly feminine (girlie).

Additional Info

This logo needs to a responsive design for a website on: computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It will be used on business cards too. It needs to be formatted in: JPEG, PNG and in Vector. This logo is being created for a single mother, who is a caregiver to her three children with developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, autism, OCD, epilepsy, etc.) This mother, the owner of Counseling For Caregivers, LLC returned to school to become a therapist, so that she can now provide counseling to fellow caregivers/parents of children with disabilities.



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