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I'm a freelance web developer and digital marketer who is finally going all in, so I need a brand! I will mostly be doing web development and database management work, but would like my brand to be friendly to people looking for digital marketing help or a technical writer/copywriter. My primary buyer persona is a small-to-medium sized business owner who needs a professional looking website.


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Cascade Interactive

Top 3 Things

An easy-to-read font that looks NOTHING like the Cascade Dish Detergent logo, a modern look, and imagery that depicts a waterfall (can be abstract/minimal!)


I like clean lines, sans-serif or monotype fonts... I'd like a logo that looks great in color (one or two, not a bunch!) but looks decent in all white/black as well... Would like a logo that has a version with "Asheville, NC" or just "Asheville" underneath the name... I do NOT like logos that are meant to look hand-illustrated (just not my personal style!)... I don't want it to look anything like the Cascade Dish Detergent logo as far as fonts and coloring

Additional Info

I chose "Cascade" for the name with three things in mind - it's a web development term, I live in Western North Carolina where we have beautiful hiking trails & waterfalls, and it's a variety of hops commonly used to brew beer (which is a big part of Asheville's culture). I don't mind the idea of a hops bud in the imagery, but would prefer depicting a waterfall, and I'm not sure if there's a tasteful way to incorporate both. I'll need a full color version in JPG, EPS, and PNG, a full color version in those three file types with "Asheville" or "Asheville, NC" underneath the name (and smaller), along with a white version and a black version (without location) in those three file types.



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