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This is a local newspaper, which will include a satirical and humorous supplement, exceeding the limits of the local surroundings, through the country and across borders. It will feature weekly content and this should be reflected in the logo.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

The logo should be a combination of the inscription and a graphic element, which can be operated separately and are still recognizable. Graphic element should have square or round shape and the inscription should have elongated form or shape. As a whole, the logo will be located at the top (head) of the newspaper. We are also experimenting with the idea to put it vertically along the right edge of the paper. Newspaper will probably be printed in A3 format.
Any font may be used, very likely some serif font, but not necessarily. Letters may all be upper-case, or only M uppercase and the rest lower-case letters. The inscription may also be written in legible handwriting.

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Mediteran (The Mediterranean) is a collective term for the Mediterranean Sea and countries around it. The Mediterranean is an intercontinental sea, which measures about 4000 km across and 800 km wide and is bounded by Europe on the north, Africa to the south and, on the east, by Asia. Magazine will be dedicated to population that lives in the area surrounding this sea, but will not be directly connected to the sea. The places in this area are characterized by Mediterranean climate, beautiful coastline, fertile soil, typical Mediterranean fruits and plants, karst wind in the background, mild winters...
Typical plants: basil, rosemary, thyme, laurel, marjoram, pepper, sage, lemon balm, arugula, tarragon, wormwood, oregano, mint, turmeric, coriander.
Perhaps some herbs: lavender, citrus fruits...
All of these elements can be an integral part of the sign. This is local newspaper, from north-western area of the Mediterranean in Europe, so elements, specific to North Africa or the Middle East, are not an option.
Colour - first comes to mind blue, like the sea. Since many newspapers and other brands in this area use blue colour as the basis for logos and symbols, other base colour would be preferable. Blue may occur, but not as the main colour. The same applies to olive green. Very strong element is also a sea wave. Other colours to consider are: all Mediterranean pastel colours, various shades of green (plants), yellow (sun, fruits), red (wine, fruits), orange (West, fruits), red / brown (earth), purple (lavender), etc.



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