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Culturale is a local Foundation in Lelystad, a town in the Netherlands. Lelystad is the capital of the newest Province in the Netherlands, which is formed by a group newly reclaimed polders. This Province is completely surrounded by dikes, because it is some meters below sea level.

Foundation Culturale organizes an annual Art event in Lelystad, which is called (in Dutch): Atelierroute Lelystad. This Art event takes place during the first weekend of October. During this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, the participating artists (a maximum of 50, after a selection process) open their studios, houses and/or gardens to show their own-made art to the public. Selling of their art is possible, but the main intention is to give the public easy and direct access to the artists, so that they can also get some insight in what the artists motivates in their work and how they make their art.

There is a wired variety of art represented, ranging from paintings and photography and all kinds of sculptures, to glass, jewelry and any other.

The participants are spread all over the town. Visitors can make a selection of participants to visit, from our website, our brochure, and/or from a central exhibition in which one piece of art from each participant is exposed for about three weeks prior to the event.


A logo that can be used on our letter head, on flyers, brochures, and different sizes of posters (for windows as well as along the road), as well as on flags or banners. We have the following requirements for the logo:

- The logo should attract the attention of the public, when used on flyers and brochures, in order to invite the public to read the flyer or brochure.

- The logo should be an eye-catcher on the posters, so that the publics eyes are attracted to the rest of the posters.

- The logo does not necessarily have to depict something. But if not, there should be a clear rationale supplied to explain how the logo relates to our Art event.

- The logo may or may not contain text.

- The logo should preferably be multicolor, have enough contrast, and should not be pale or made of only dull colors.

- The logo should have the intrinsic possibility, after being in use for a while, to be used as stand-alone, and be recognized as being the logo of our Art event, even if that is not indicated. (The intention is that it should become our brand)


We see different audiences or uses:

- Public who see the flyers or brochures unexpectedly or for the first time, should almost automatically feel attracted to at least quickly read the flyer or brochure, so that they are at least made aware of the event.

- The logo on the posters behind windows or along the roads, should be eye-catchers for pedestrians, cyclists or drivers, to make them aware of the event and/or the logo. On later posters they should easily recognize the logo and then automatically read the further text of the posters.

- Prior to the Art event, also PR stands will be used, where also flags or banners will be used, with the logo on it, to mark the PR stands and attract people to it.

- During the Art event, flags or banners will be used to mark the locations of the participants, so that visitors, who have to find their way across the town, can from a distance recognized a participant location.


We decided that we do not want to give too much guidance or steer the logo in any specific direction. We will therefore not give any examples, but prefer to allow the designers to freely use their own ideas.


Colors and contrast, and not too much complexity.



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