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One aspect of this project is an interactive map. This project is for a logo for our new initiative. The logo must contain an element we can also use as a map "marker". The logo will also be translated for EquityBlog.org, which will also be redesigned. The name for this will be "Demand Equity Now". The tagline will be "A Community for Voices, A Movement for Change." More details, and screen shots of the map's look and feel are be provided.

A logo for "Demand Equity Now". Emphasis must be on Equity Now, and when and if we drop demand, the brand should be able to adapt. In addition, the look and feel will be translated to EquityBlog (EquityBlog.org) which will serve as Equity Now's blog after its redesign.

Equity is not equality, but it's related. So iconography conveying equal signs or anything so obviously linked to equality will not serve the purpose. Other ideas are welcome.

Attached are PDFs of logos that didn't work. The closest in terms of "strength" I think was Treatment #7 which had a nice forward motion and a nice weight to the characters.

Also attached is a screen shot of the interactive map and the place the logo will sit.

There was an interesting idea about using the "Q" in the term in a creative way. But I will leave that up to the designers.

Lastly, please do consider the color palette of the map. Doesn't have to be similar, but should at least be complimentary or not conflict.


1) Logo must incorporate iconography that can carry over as a "marker" on the interactive map. (See Yelp.com). The marker will serve to point at spots on the map where advocates working around Equity exist.

2) Logo must work if we decided to drop "Demand".

3) Should consider the color palette of the map. Not to use the same colors per se, but to be complimentary.

4) Could be DemandEquityNow or Demand Equity Now or Demand EquityNow.

5) Style, we'd rather have something more abstract or subtle than very literal for iconography.

Not required but useful:

1) Another bonus is that the logo could also exist as solid black if we needed (for black and white materials)

2) If it could be adopted for EquityBlog (EquityBlog.org). This blog will be redesigned and updated to match Demand Equity Now and will serve as it's blog.

What the logo shouldn't do:

1) Shouldn't include the tagline.

2) Shouldn't use an equal sign for iconography.

3) Shouldn't include the .org

Any questions can be sent to me at anytime. Thank you.



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