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We are the Department of Radiology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center looking for a logo to represent our Education Program for a curriculum that is availble to the world. We will use the logo for our website, social media (particullarly Facebook), promotions, etc. Our audience is highly educated, 22-28 year old medical students from around the world. We want the logo to express a professional style, but with a 20's savy design, that is playful, modern, and bold. The design should express the innovation, technology, global culture in the milieu of current medical education. With the "Dart" representing Dartmouth college and "Rad" representing radiology, we want to be able to combine the "D" and "R" for an icon that will be used as well. We'd like to use in some way the Dartmouth green, see file, and we have various Dartmouth-related vectors that we have shared and request they not be used for any other purpose than this project. Our goal is to develop a global community of current and future radiologists that participate in an interactive, sophisticated, and fun educational online environment. Radiology is a technology-heavy and image-focused specialty of medicine. Radiologist uses images for diagnosis, to guide procedures, and to screen for diseases before there are symptoms. We rely on CT scanners, MRI machines, X-rays, PET scanners, ultrasound, and fluoroscanners. We have radiology sub-specialties such as neurology, interventional radiology, chest, abdominal, musculoskeletal, breast imaging, nuclear imaging, and fluoroscopy. Other radiology education websites can be found at https://www.radiologycafe.com/radiology-... but we find their logos to be boring and not representative of a 20-30 year old audience. We would prefer for the design to be incorporated into the text and to have the text incorporate symbols, images, icons of radiology, but this is not mandatory and we are open to "image only" and "text and image" options. The Dartmouth "D" with the tree in the center can be used but doesn't have to be in our logo. See examples below: We like the logo of Radiology Cafe, it's approachable, fun, and light-feeling, but the use of red and grey-scale logos is incongruent and too busy. Personal Radiology matches the image to the text well, the color palate is complimentary to the text too. The "R" for the RSNA, a radiology organization, has a digitalized young boy imbeded into the text and is intreguing, asking the viewer to look closer, but the digital boy doesn't at all related to radiology and the ocean blue triangle to the left doesn't reinforce the meaning and is only a design element. We'd like every element to both reinforce the meaning and the design. "DartRad" or "Dart Rad" are acceptable, we prefer "DartRad".


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Dart Rad

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Modern, Playful, Sleek

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Our primary use with be on our Facebook page


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