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We are a dance, fitness, wellness, and community studio. We will be focusing on dance (all genres), fitness (yoga, Indoboarding, rebounding, core strengthening) and wellness (nutrition, meditation). Our location has two full sets of windows on the front and left side. We want to be as inclusive as we can and not limit ourselves to becoming another boutique catering to only women or any specific type of fitness or exercise. In Colorado, yoga, barre and crossfit abound. While these are very successful fitness genres, they can often limit many people in participating or feeling like they can participate. We want to provide access for all ages, all body types, all gender identities and all abilities, paying careful attention to ADA compliance. I am an educator and we have a nonprofit, so we are mostly working with underserved populations. We want to bring that to the studio as well. I decided to create this studio after turning 45, so the name reflects that (there's a blog on the website about this) as well as the Lê, which is my last name. (See more below about this.) As a whole, we want to provide for the community, opening up the space for the arts and music after hours or on weekends for artists trying to showcase their work. We can also offer tutoring and consulting on diabetes. Just generally speaking, we want to be there for others, not just to dance or be well but to be together.


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Lê Studio 45

Top 3 Things

Balance (conceptual mind, body, spirit), contemporary or minimalist, gender-neutral (if possible)


The logos I initially created needed to be horizontal (for the sign above) and circle/squarish for social media. I really like the use of the enso. I like the use of the blacks and the blues, the black to create the strong lines and the “calligraphy ink” feel. The blues are there to create that peace or balance aspect, which is integral to dance. Purple is my favorite color, but I guess I was trying to avoid anything that felt overly gendered (which becomes problematic even to say so). But, at first glance, I want the logo to communicate the creative open space (enso) but the fonts, colors and graphics to communicate something simple and neutral, so that if I put it on a shirt, anyone could feel comfortable wearing it. I like the lotus (this is meaningful to me because I come from Vietnam) and I do have a tattoo with a lotus and such, but I like dancers also or fluid lines in general (nothing harsh or abrupt). I would love to be able to see someone’s artistry (hand drawn rather than the use of only vectors).

Additional Info

I initially wanted to “hide” the accent above my name by making it into a graphic. The studio name, Le Studio 45, if you know French, would translate to "The Studio 45". Using the Lê instead of Le communicates something different and many might not get it, especially if they don’t know how to pronounce Lê (Lee instead of Lay). Our byline is “The Studio for Dance, Fitness, Wellness, Community”. I struggled with the number and name for a while, knowing that 45 represented my age and time, but being self-conscious of it for other reasons. I wanted to go with Studio 45 but that was taken in many media handles and domains. I looked at Le Studio, but that was the recording studio in Canada that burned down that Rush (a fave band) et al, recorded in, so that wasn’t possible either. Hence, Le Studio 45 or Lê Studio 45. I’ve since hired two instructors who also happen to be 45, so I’m just going with that number as what it should be. My husband wants to see the accent in the Le. This has been a big challenge (keep the accent, leave the accent, make it into a graphic). Please see our website for more information: https://lestudio45.com I do need EPS and PSD files or Ai files. I am okay working with Illustrator and better with Photoshop. I’ve attached my iterations and some files I’ve acquired. The "L" in the horizontal was because of the windows and my very first logo was a cube-like thing using the "L" as a representation of the space. I'm not married to anything I've created, really, except I like the colors. The blue is: 11bcf4 or similar. Please see some of the files attached.



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