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Curious Wines is a new online and warehouse wine retailer in Ireland. The primary focus will be building an online brand, but the business will operate from a retail warehouse allowing consumers to also buy directly from a store.

Buying wine online is still in the early adopter phase in Ireland and while Curious Wines needs to stand out from the crowd - and the noise of an increasing number of online off-shoots of traditional wine retail businesses - the brand must also instil confidence in the first-time online wine purchaser.

Core brand values are:

1. Trust: absolute honesty and integrity in quality and pricing

2. Service: total reliability in delivery and customer service

3. Passion: for the product

4. Innovation: modern, fresh, creative, quirky

5. Fun: wine is for enjoyment first, appreciation second.

The logo itself must look fresh and appealing on a website, but also sit comfortably on stationery, external signage, delivery vans, and packaging (e.g. boxes for shipping). It must also work for the corporate gifts market (or at least not cause a conflict).

Our target audience is wine drinkers of all ages and gender, but 57% of the market is female, and adventurous wine drinkers (those prepared to look beyond the shelves of their local supermarket for wine) tend to be 30+. Research from the UK would indicate a strong willingness of over 55s to shop online for wine.

The logo should be contemporary, fresh, eye-catching, while catching a little of the "curiousness" of the brand. The most successful online brands tend not to over-elaborate their logos. Menupages.ie (www.menupages.ie) is attractive for it's cleanliness and simplicity, and although I don't care much for the font, I like the quirky "p" - it's memorable, as is the green chilli.

The cleanliness of the likes of Jajah (jajah.com) or even crowdSPRING appeals, but possibly with something related to wine incorporated (or maybe not, there's only so many things you can do with glasses, bottles, vine-leaves and corkscrews that haven't been done before).

In terms of colours, these are interesting but I'm open to suggestions. Vibrant, emotive colours like red, or traditional wine colours like burgundy, should probably be avoided however.




The winning design will make us sit up and go "wow, that's stunning", and first-time consumers go "wow, I love that brand".

For delivery, I need 300 DPI in formats suitable for print (EPS, PSD and/or AI), plus a standard 72 DPI PNG for web.

Feel free to ping back any queries.

Knock me out guys....... :)



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