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We are developing a crowdsourcing web app for fund raising of all sorts - also known as crowdfunding.

Our problem is that we have not been able to think of a suitable domain name that wasn't prohibitively expensive, so we are asking for both a name AND a logo. ONLY SUBMISSIONS WITH UNCLAIMED OR AVAILABLE (at reasonable prices) DOMAIN NAMES WILL BE CONSIDERED. We will register the winning name before picking the winner here. Dot-com is preferred, but any visually and/or phonetically pleasing domains will be considered.

Obviously we can't give out too many details of our app here, but its not hard to get the gist of what we are trying to do. Crowdfunding applications are designed to allow large numbers of individuals to come together (often spontaneously) and fund some collectively-desired thing (be it a charitable cause, a friend's bachelor party, or whatever) in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Our app is not aimed at any specific application of crowdfunding, but rather the application of the crowdfunding idea to any and all potential uses, both huge and tiny.

For more information on crowdfunding, try Googling: crowdfunding, assurance contract, public good.

We need something catchy and creative. Like ChipIn.com. Crowdfunder.com is NOT the sort of brand name we want (although its website is somewhat similar to what we are trying to do). It must not be something too silly or too serious - we don't want to alienate either the enterprise or the little guy from our services. Above all, the brand must inspire trust.

Good luck! If anyone needs more information, Please shoot me a PM.



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