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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


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We would like a logo that looks good when printed in black and white. It can have color but not more than 3.
please name the final images as follows and provide these three versions:
"Crestlight_logo" will be the default full-color logo.
"Crestlight_variant_dark_background_use" will be the default full-color logo for use over a dark background (such as black)
Crestlight_logo_with_transparency will be for logo use when transparent background is required.

Feelings/thoughts/adjectives that we would like the logo to invoke: strong, solid, strength, focus, confidence, legacy, innovation, design, think strength of a wall street brand with the edginess of silicon valley with the focus of a Hollywood production studio.

Here are the top VCs in the valley. We like the cleanliness and power of these logos.


We envision a simple but elegant logo for Crestlight, possibly a mountain crest silhouette with the sun / light just coming over it or just disappearing behind it symbolizing the financial exit. Metaphorically, crestlight is when change occurs, when the sun breaks out.

Please stay far away from anything that looks or feels like a mortgage company, health industry or trendy web 2.0 logo. If you use a mountain type image with sun or light emerging across it, please make sure it looks like something Apple would be proud of.

About: Crestlight Productions (Crestlight) is the first Silicon Valley based accelerator that applies proven production methodology from the movie industry to high tech startups by orchestrating best-of-breed teams and seed capital resulting in execution excellence, investment upside and risk protection. Crestlight greatly reduces the risk, waste, frivolous cost and bloat typically associated with young companies and in return makes our ventures lean, profitable, valuable and ready for a liquidity event. Our model is a perfect fit for the needs of early-stage entrepreneurs and the needs of investors. Production is defined as the creation or formation of something as part of a process. The imagination, design and innovation involved in making a Hollywood movie apply directly to the needs of todays entrepreneurs and startup investors. Crestlight builds companies to excellence and perfection with the use of imagination, design, innovation and strict management. Crestlight is a whole new class above the masses of incubators and even angel investors. Our production process combines the true discipline of project management with well-understood risk taking.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1) Stewardship of a startup idea from concept to commercialization
2) Lean business practice for high investor returns
3) Goodness of purpose

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image + text or text with image built into text



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