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My business (Indigo Studios) is a combination of two industries. We provide both hair services and life coaching. The raw concept behind Indigo is being able to perform both inner beauty services(life coaching) and outer beauty services (hair) enhancing the whole individual. We are very experienced, highly trained and creative hair artists AND certified transformational life coaches passionate about leading others to their own self empowerment. We create (killer!) customized hair cuts and colors tailored to the individual. We also perform life coaching sessions and group meditations to enhance the lives of our clients through feeling good, self empowerment and the law of attraction. We are passionate lightworkers of the world just desiring to serve for the greater good and have fun doing it! Our target audience...women. Women who care about how they feel. Women who have disposable income. Women who deep down know they aren't living their best lives. Women who want to thrive in life. Women who are between the ages of 25-65 who need to find themselves. Women who love feeling good on the outside and the inside. Women who want to become authentic and self accepting and self loving. And lastly, women who want a creative haircut and color that is perfectly suited to who they are and how they want to feel...all while in a space that encourages the freedom to just be.


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Business name: Indigo Studios
Tagline: Crafting Confidence

Top 3 Things

Synergy, Creativity, Trust

Additional Info

I would like to communicate through the logo that i do hair and life coach without using words...if there is a way to incorporate scissors and a lotus to symbolize both industries in a way that conveys the above....that is what i am looking for but I do trust the process and am wanting creative, abstract ideas!
I have NO CLUE what file formats I need and will need guidance on that.
What I don't want to see- anything typical, flowers, harshness, a head with hair, www.emilyalice.com-nothing similar to her logo.

www.loveagainlocal.com-I think their logo is creative
I like signature fonts but easily readable...especially the I in Indigo.
FYI- with color, i like the color indigo but wish to keep it more on the purple side than blue.


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