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Consultancy which helps entrepreneurs and founders of startups grow their businesses


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RKT works or RKT.works - you can choose which you think works best

Top 3 Things

Confidence, Growth, Professionalism


RKT is short for 'rocket'. I own the url www.rkt.works.

The logo doesn't need to be a rocket, but at least some suggestion of a rocket would probably work well.

Through this name I'm wanting to communicate that I will help my clients deliver exponential growth for their business.

My consultancy offers services aimed at helping the startups with both their internal and external business story to help them gain more investment or early adopter customers.

Additional Info

My target market are the founders and leaders of startup environmental technology businesses but I DON'T want the logo to include ANY hint of 'eco' or 'green'.

I want to communicate the opposite of tree hugging: the brand needs to look clean and professional with plenty of commercial and business energy.

The target market are likely to have scientific/engineering backgrounds.

Note: To help you understand my services you can have a look at my current brand, www.Inspiring-Sustainability.com, but it is clearly eco/green: which is what I want to move away from in the new RKT.works brand



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