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About Your Company

EPIC is Electronic Privacy Internet Cash, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency seeking to provide the world with greater freedom and privacy by being the ideal form of money.

We want Epic Cash to be used by everyone. Our target audiences are all peoples, businesses, and organizations who can benefit from a good working currency without the drawbacks afflicting the vast majority of today's currencies.


Logo Usage
  • Print

  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

  • Signage

  • Outdoor

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image Only

  • Image + Text

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Logo Text

Epic Cash

Top 3 Things

Currency, Trust, Openness

Additional Info

Logo Deliverables:
1. Image Only logo
2. Image + Text logo in both horizontal and stacked formats
3. White background, dark background, and solid black and white versions of #1 and #2

Design Guidelines:
1. All graphical elements in the logo must be original.
2. We will need a logo that incorporates a currency symbol to represent Epic Cash. This currency symbol must be created by the designer.
3. Logo should be similar enough to currency symbol that recognizing one should allow people to recognize the other.
4. Currency symbol should be as easy to handwrite as other currency symbols. It should be memorable.

5. Logo can be simple or highly designed. It will be used for FinTech/Blockchain/Currency.
6. (Bonus!) Try to incorporate Fibonacci sequence into one or more elements. If done, illustrate in what way it was incorporated.
7. The logo must be easily-recognizable when made small.
8. For Image + Text version, either make use of all caps or capitalize the first letter of each word for the text. (i.e. EPIC CASH or Epic Cash only)
9. The Image Only logo and stacked format of Image + Text logo should be easy to fit into 1 by 1 dimensions such as squares and circles.

10. Colored logo should use black/yellow colors, representing AnCap (Anarcho-Capitalist). Colors can be shades of black and yellow instead of exactly AnCap black/yellow.
11. The logo should convey positive concepts such as openness, not negative concepts such as violence. Keeping it neutral is also okay.
12. Gradients acceptable, no preference.
13. The black and white logo versions must both be recognizable and aesthetically-pleasing.


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