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We provide outsourced compliance services for broker dealers and registered investment advisors. We are going thru a rebranding process and our new logo is an important step. We are a very small business on a tight timeline due to an upcoming national (US) PR blitz. We anticipate this logo getting a lot of exposure within the financial services space. We will unviel the change of our name from Your Securities Consultants, LLC to Essential Edge Outsourcing, LLC. We just came up with our tagline: Experienced Professionals, Better Compliance. If all goes well with this design, we would like to consider the selected designer duplicating the art to incorporate taglines for the 2 other new Essential Edge companies (to launch in the fall and winter). Our new web site is in the works. To view our current sites, see www.yoursecuritiesconsultants.com and https://expert-witness-arbitration.com/. The expert witness work (which is a key focus of the company that will be our 2nd logo project) is why I decided to join the firm: helping hard working investors who have lost their money (for retirement, kids' college fund, etc.) due to financial advisors with ill intent (to put it nicely). Though our clients are located throughout the US, we are located in South Florida, in part because there is a large elderly population. Many of the clients we help, by supporting lawyers defending them, have dementia or are otherwise unable to recognize that their investment funds are dwindling.
Part of our outsourcing company focuses on arbitration to help wronged investors: we provide arbitration evaluation services. Securities lawyers rely on our expertise to help determine if a legal matter has merit and to estimate liability. Our services to clients include: Consulting, Reviewing documents, Evaluating issues and potential liability, Detailed damage calculations and assessments.
We are planning to grow our annual branch office inspection service. This is an important means for uncovering problems that could not only hurt the broker dealer but the individual investor.
Other aspects of our work involves conducting independent Anti-Money Laundering exams to detect money laundering. We conduct thorough reviews of the client firm, review and test their policies and, should there be a problem, we identify the cause and effect of the problem, suggesting improvements to prevent reoccurrence.
We also help broker dealers with Internal Investigations by serving as an independent investigator where conflicts of interest arise that preclude a firm’s Chief Compliance Officer or General Consul from conducting an internal investigation.
Excerpts from our forthcoming web site:
Why We’re Different:
1. Highly Experienced Examiners
Essential Edge Outsourcing Services, LLC is a national network of former senior professionals with an average of 25 years of compliance and supervisory industry experience. Our team will partner with you to deliver cost effective branch inspections and other services so you can focus on growing your business.
2. Better Value
Our clients leverage Essential Edge’s independent professional consultants’ diverse compliance and supervisory experience on an as-needed basis.
Our national network incurs virtually no overhead, allowing us to save you money, while delivering virtually the same services as those offered by top-tier
consulting firms. Unlike low-cost firms that use young, inexperienced individuals - who likely cannot recognize
costly regulatory issues that could ultimately result in litigation and regulatory violations – our team averages decades of experience in such matters.Bottom line: our professionals deliver the best value for your money.
3. Flexible Pricing
We offer several pricing options, including a flat rate inclusive of all expenses, allowing firms to avoid the administrative burden of budgeting, receipts and accounting. You will only pay for the services you need, Something that sets us apart from others is our exceptionally strong customer service and accessibility. Though I don't want to explicitly indicate such in the logo, we take client calls 24/7.


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Essential Edge Outsourcing, LLC

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Reliabilty. Trustworthy. Professionalism.

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We want you to be creative so aren't providing any inspiration. Please do, though, check out our current logo (see web site) on our site. It reflects our interest in incorporating the colors of South Florida. We want to avoid the dull greys, maroons, blacks and stodgy, stuffy uninspired look and feel of our industry's/competition logos (and web sites).

Files needed: jpg, pdf, eps, psd, png (1 of each with the tagline, 1 of each without). Multiple formats, including 1 of each in color stacked, 1 stacked in black and white; elongated (suitable for letterhead). We can discuss further later.



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