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City Wine Journal is an online magazine published for wine lovers and wine industry experts. "People, places and profiles of Bordeaux and the great vineyards and chateaux of the Fine Wine World."

I do all the writing, photography, and video profiles on the site. Topics include interviews with wine makers, winery profiles, coverage of major wine tasting events, tasting notes, and first-hand stories that put you in the vineyard, and in the cellar.

It is published as a continuously updated blog, plus a more in-depth features mag. The site is seasonally topical (ie, Harvest, Spring Primeur), or covers specific events and locations. There are also photo galleries to showcase the beauty of the wine world, and video profiles 3-5 minutes each to tell a particular story. There is a Facebook Page and a twitter feed of the same name.

My objective is to profile the kinds of people, places and stories that can move a reader to learn and explore the fine wine world. I want it to be a point of pride to appear in City Wine Journal, because it's more than a numeric score from a wine critic. It's a showcase for the beauty and passion in the vineyard, and the cellar, in the family, the places that bring these wines to the shelves. It is not an introductory "What is wine" site. It presumes a level of knowledge and interest beyond looking for recommendations for $10 bottles of wine to pair with fish and meat.

Nor is it a "Miguel is the expert" personal advocate showcase site like WineLibrary TV or Robert Parker or Kevin Zraly. I am not the hero, the stories from the vineyard and the cellar are of interest to the audience.

The fine wine world is accessible. It is reachable. And it is beautiful.

A wine score doesn't tell you the whole story. City Wine Journal does.


I need a logo for for the website and for public promotion of the site.

Currently I am using iWeb and a modern, clean template. The headline reads well, but is generic, and sans logo. It can be better!

Project Output:

- a recommendation for "city wine journal" in a font that works in all media - print, web, and photo/video

- an icon/logo that serves as a button to appear in FB, business cards, other sites as a link.

- combining the two as a single visual element, or use CWJ letters in a creative way.


Two audiences: 1. Readers:

- Wine lovers and wine industry professionals.

- Internationally relevant

- Age-neutral, other than over 18. Wine lovers come in all generations and age groups!

- Sommeliers follow the site and get a level of detail & training unavailable elsewhere

- My Facebook page of 600 fans is about 60% women, 40% men, as one point of reference.

2. Content Audience:

- I want the site and logo to be attractive to fine wine producers and professionals so that they are pleased to be showcased in the online magazine. I want them to be happy to link to the site, or incorporate the logo into their site when needed as a positive reference. Professional!


With my budget, I am pleased with the current design of the website overall (other than tasks that iWeb constrains what I would like to do commercially, but that is another project). So the logo should work with the look & feel of my site design and not require to wreck and rebuild the current site.

That said, if you see opportunities to do more with this self-created site that make sense for the project, I welcome additional advice!

A few pdfs included here... please go to the site www.CityWineJournal.com


Must haves:

- Modern, clean, legible design

- Color palette can be explored creatively, strong wine colors include various burgundies, deep reds, gold, harvest straw; Vineyard colors & textures have vibrant greenleaf, pale and deep purple grape, wood bark, hard and limestone (explore the photo galleries on the site).

- Distinctive, engaging visual appeal

- Works well with, enhances existing site design

- logo can incorporate motion, in particular for use as a video icon to intro or conclude a podcast

- should load & display easily on web, iphone, iPAD, FB, twitter, and major browsers including safari firefox and IE

And a couple "must not have":

- this is not a whimsical site

- logo does not cause site to be redesigned

- not an Old World (ie Old English lettering) view of the wine world

- not a green-movement/eco-advocacy view of the wine world

- not a "celebration of overconsumption", elitism, or ultra-luxury view of the wine world.

The fine wine world is accessible. It is reachable. And it is beautiful.

A wine score doesn't tell you the whole story. City Wine Journal does.



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