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About Your Company

Anthem Arts is a modern take on a traditional music conservatory. Our education is tailored to each student's lifelong goals in a fun and relevant way that keeps children engaged as they grow.

Our audience is modern upper-class parents who want the best activities for their kids success.

We are in competition with many other music schools and after-school programs for the attention of success-oriented parents.

We must communicate to these parents that Anthem Arts is the most premium quality of specialized music education possible in Toronto


Logo Usage
  • Print

  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

  • Outdoor

  • Signage

  • Other

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

Colors to Explore




Logo Text

Anthem Arts

Top 3 Things

Modernity, Elite Academia, Inspiration


The logo should look like a modern and partially abstract gestalt of Academic Heraldry logos and crests from the past.
This book shows examples of modern heraldry that can be used for inspiration: https://www.ideabooks.nl/9780957081673-c...

Either BOLD or "thin and clean" logos are preferred. They should not be too congested or dependent on visual puns.

Muted tones of Royal Blue, Gold, and/or White are preferred, but the logo must also work in black and white.

Embedding and interpreting symbols and/or icons which embody ideas of music and artistic inspiration are very much encouraged. symbols could be abstracted or not depending on the overall mood of the logo.

Possible symbols could be:
* piano / piano keys
* sheet music
* Lightning bolt
* smiles
* hearts
* hands
* song birds
* an open book

Please DO NOT include any Lyres please. (We have a local competitor whose logo prominantly features a Lyre)

Additional Info

Please create a master logo with associated Text and a stand alone mark.

Refer to this vision board:

Refer to these colors for a TRADITIONAL take on Anthem Arts color scheme (colors should be optional) :

Please provide logo in vector as well as high quality rasterized files.



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