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The Destination BootCamp®

The Destination BootCamp is a 2½ day workshop held in Longmont Colorado and its been in existence since September, 2002. The class is conducted by Jon Schallert, an internationally‐recognized business consultant and professional speaker.

The Destination BootCamp is attended by independent business owners, retailers, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business, ang community leaders who want to understand how to make a town or city attract more customers and visitors who will spend their money there.

Attendees of the Destination BootCamp learn Jon’s proprietary 14‐step Destination Business strategy that shows independent business owners how to stand out from their competitors and pull more consumers to them. When business owners use the steps that Jon has taught them, when they return to their businesses in their small towns and big cities, they start attracting customers from hundreds of miles away, and they also start getting their businesses featured on television shows, in magazines and newspapers, and getting other free publicity. We have had restaurants get on the Food Network, businesses getting written about in the Wall Street Journal, appearing in national magazines and online websites, and all of this causes more customers to make a trip to come to them.

The businesses and communities who attend the Destination BootCamp become so irresistible that consumers willingly go out of their way to visit that location. The Destination BootCamp has attracted business owners & community leaders from around the world to Longmont, Colorado, including pulling attendees from 43 of the 50 United States, five provinces in Canada, and Australia.

All of the Destinatin BootCamps are held in the historic Emerson-Buckingham Bank building at 321 Main Street, Longmont’s oldest brick building.


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Destination BootCamp

Top 3 Things

BRAND: When people see this logo, we want them to immediately associate it with our 2-1/2 day business class.
FUN/FAMILY: One of our attendees said people come to our BootCamp alone, and leave feeling like everyone in the class is family. Everyone has fun at our BootCamps.
INSPIRATIONAL: The logo should somehow convey inspiration. Our attendees leave hopeful and enthusiastic with so many ideas of what they want to do with their businesses. Many come worrying about their businesses and wondering how they will survive, and they leave with the attitude they know they can do it.


It should be easily understandable. When people see it they should smile and/or be intrigued by it. It should be able to be used alone without wording but can also be used with the Destination BootCamp words.

Additional Info

Our hamster on the wheel and hamster escaping the wheel images are used to demonstrate what business owners can learn when they go through our training: learning how to run their business the way they want, not the business running them. The logo should represent or demonstrate something that can go along with these images, but we don't want the hamster escaping the wheel to be part of the logo. We will continue to use the hamster escaping the wheel in our BootCamps and on product, but we don’t want that to be what people identify as our logo.



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