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Good day !

Both our company and our service will be named NaviShare (with a capital S). The service will match in real time passengers and drivers having a similar route (typically a commute), let them share the car ride (or bus, van, taxi...) and pay for it. The whole interaction between users will happen directly through an application installed on the users' mobile phones, rather than on a website - that means a totally new carpooling experience.

We named the service NaviShare because our application will mix a classical GPS navigation tool, with specific carpooling functions. That is important for the logo design.

What we need is a logo that we'll quite classically use everywhere : website, stationnery, mobile application, not forgetting stickers or objects printed with the logo that can be used to physically find your partner in a crowded street at dusk.

So we actually need several logos :

- one with the text NaviShare and a design, for website and general corporate use

- one with the text NaviShare plus the motto, with one english and one french version of the motto :

[carpooling 2.0] / [le covoiturage 2.0]

- a simplified logo for smaller phone displays, and to print on physical objects that must be seen from far away. For example that logo could show only the 2 letters "NS" (that's just an example)

Our target is to spread the use of the service virally among an audience of people aged 20-35. We're targetting busy commuters equipped with smartphones, and the whole challenge is to convince them that sharing their private car space and making a detour to pick someone up during rush hour will be a total no-brainer, that won't modify much their driving habits. So we need to fight against the image of carpooling as "young, free, idle, adventurous, generous" and rather adopt "efficient, fast, simple, secure"

So : we need a sleek design, not a fanciful one. Any reference to hitchhiking is prohibited (the service is for people willing to pay).

We may also offer through our mobile application other transportation modes (bus, taxi, van, etc...), so the logo can be explicit about our activity (let users navigate and share transport) but should not show a car.

We have already made a (very unprofessional) tentative logo - please find it attached (NaviShare tentative logo). Under "Navi" the curves follow broadly the same direction, this symbolizes the routes of the users initially riding alone on similar routes, under the "Share" the flow groups into one arrow, symbolizing shared move. We like to century gothic font as well.

You may improve our logo (we like the idea) or just start from scratch and surprise us.

Other non-restrictive ideas :

- the service is harnessing on an existing flow of vehicules, the user is just riding this flow...maybe there's a way to symbolize that ?

- GPS navigation is a key feature, maybe we can make in the logo a reference to a typical GPS navigation screen ?

Thanks to all participants

Paulin from NaviShare



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