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We are embarking on a new jobs site on behalf of one of our clients. The logo itself is mainly done and is attached; now we want to create the site mascot. This is what we are seeking proposals for.

The mascot could be used on its own on the site, and could potentially also be integrated into the logo- imagine the "star" of the logo design radiating out from the mascot.

The site's name is "Golden Recruiter"-- a play on Golden Retriever, a breed of dog. Golden retrievers are friendly, playful, trustworthy, loyal and inspire a smile in their owners and dog-lovers everywhere. The idea would be that the Golden Recruiter dog would "fetch" the best applications/applicants or jobs on your behalf and loyally deliver them to you.

The site attempts to automate a lot of manual processes and workflows in the process of both applying for jobs and vetting applicants/ applications. So part of the mascot must represent this idea of technological advancement or innovation. The Golden Recruiter mascot won't be just a dog-- he'll be a bionic super techno-dog that is very efficient and lives in the digital world.

The site logo and design right now are conceptualized around a 50's retro look. Think of an old TV with knob buttons- rounded corners, clean symmetric design. The reason is that it should seem familiar and comforting while also representing technological advancement. Because the site targets taking manual processes and converting them to digital, design references to the 50s modern design movement or even the Bauhaus fit right in. It's possible that the Jetsons dog could be a perfect starting point to conceptualize this, if he were a bit more reliable and serious.

Although we want a friendly techno-dog as our mascot, ideally with his job applications in his mouth, the dog shouldn't be either too cute or too robotic. He needs to strike a happy medium between engendering a positive reaction and being too cheesy or kitschy. Jobs are serious, they represent people's careers, so our mascot also has to be at least a bit serious, VERY Smart and savvy, and not *too* light-hearted, or else it will detract from the value-added of the site's services. We do NOT want the mascot to become the Microsoft Paperclip. He also shouldn't be too realistic-- we don't want a 3D 2nd life style animation, we want a classy, streamlined caricature or illustration that will fit in with the clean, simple, streamlined, classy design concept of the site.


See above-- a techno-dog that can live as a stand-alone illustration and/or beintegrated into the logo. At minimum, he will appear on the landing page and all main content pages, personal profile and settings pages and on steps like registration and upload to guide the user and give the site a sense of personality.

Attached is a creative brief about the site that will give you some more background on the project from a creative perspective, as well as our current site logo. The brief has the mascot idea highlighted so you can see how it fits in context with the larger design.

Our site colors are not yet set, beyond golden ranges of yellow and mustard as seen in the logo. As the brief notes, we are considering warm, organic but flat, muted colors in the same vein- soft greens and warm browns, for example... but we are open to suggestions. Ideally, the illustration will be somewhat color-agnostic and we can tweak when our site colors are finalized.


job seekers and employers.


think Bauhaus; think Swedish or Danish modern furniture; think 50s modern or early 60s very streamlined electronics and appliances, like KitchenAid mixers.

We do NOT want a 3d modeled dog, or a highly illustrated/drawn dog with a lot of shading and a sketched feel to it. This should be a vector-style illustration with clean, simple lines that conveys the idea in an elegant, modern, classy way.


1. a smart, classy, savvy, somewhat serious and not-to-cute, techno digital dog that evokes a golden retriever and elicits a happy feeling of trust, confidence and hope in the viewer. Show the dog on his own

2. A view of the dog integrated with the logo. If you have a preferred font for the logo that is of the same "vintage" feel, that would be fine-- I am open to upgrading.

Note we have not yet embarked on the full landing page and/or header design, and so there is a potential opportunity for that contract as well for the winning or finalist applicant(s) if we work well together and the style matches. That landing page design contract will be posted shortly in a separate listing.



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