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E and O Coverage of America is a non profit corporation that provides Errors and Omissions coverage for insurance brokers.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is also called Professional Liability Insurance. It protects insurance agents for errors or omissions in actions or statements that they have made, or that the client believes that they have made.

The company's competitive advantage is that they provide fast service at low prices.

The company name is "E and O Coverage of America". We need a logo for our website.

The website will be designed after the logo is decided on. So, at this point, there is a lot of room for creativity - please experiment with colors. The logo should have colors that define the branding.

One of the problems we have is that not everyone knows what "E and O" is. So, we need to have two versions of the logo - one version that doesn't have extra text and the other that has extra text that says "Errors and Omissions" in addition to just E and O. We could either solve this problem with extra text (like in this logo: http://realtoreandocoverage.com/images/l... with an optional tagline.

If you design a logo with a tag line, it should be "Errors and Omissions Coverage for Insurance Professionals"

Insurance agents in the United States.

These are Professionals who may sell insurance to companies or individuals.

These people are typically ages 20-65.

This company is new to the market so we don't have any legacy brand requirements...

This logo needs to convey confidence, professionalism, and stability.

If you look at this article: http://fontfeed.com/archives/the-logos-o... - I like the Pando logo, I don't like the MySpace logo (too simple, boring, and poorly done in my opinion). I like the shutterfly logo and the 9rules logo. I don't like the reminderfeed logo. the Zopa logo is hard to read.

In general, I like gettyimages.com logo, I like the citibank logo (citi.com), the e-trade logo (etrade.com) is nice because it has colors that define the brand's colors, and the e-trade logo also has the arrow/asterisk symbol which helps people understand what they do (trade).

Please feel free to make it look like a web 2.0 logo - because this company primarily does business online. I'd love to see what people can think of when they mix web 2.0 with the concepts of stability and protection.



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