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We are "all China" - all the time. The founder lived in China from 1986-1991, ran factories, studied Chinese (not bad for a blonde) and has spent most of her time since travelling back and forth. Our group specializes in helping US companies improve their operations in China through understanding and respecting the way the Chinese do business.

We have an organization that hosts conferences, has a blog, members, etc.

We have a consulting company that provides negotiation support, training, corporate set up.

We have a company that acts as a sales office / arm for US companies to sell into China

We have the main "official" corporation - that we want to be somewhat generic to cover all that we do (and as we expand into Vietnam and the rest of Asia - the overall corp isn't just China centered).


China Resource Network (the group) - has a good logo but it needs to be considered so that the new logos work with this (don't compete)

My China Sales Team (sells into China) - has a good logo (similar to the division above)

China Resource Training (the consulting side) - needs a better logo, want to keep it similar to the two above - but it needs to stand out more than the one we have right now

International Resource Development - new corporate name, need a new logo that is NOT related to the above divisions but doesn't compete with them when its presented on the same introductory materials or business cards

I want the same person to do both so that they can really keep the "look" cohesive. Thats why this is being posted as one job.

I am uploading the first two logos....


Our clients are mid to large sized (up to $1 billion in size) corporations in many industries that are already heavy into China and recognize that their skill set from the US isn't working there. They bring us in often to solve problems (can't get $500,000 of equipment back from a factory) where we step in and represent them to resolve the issues. We also mentor companies through transitions - setting up a new factory in China or leading the search for and hiring staff for a new office for example. In long term projects we usually work with the client's team of managers to steer them past any potential problems that experience has taught us to how to avoid. In smaller companies we often are more like a parttime executive who gets things moving until we train someone we can hand it off to.

So we are considered the high tech level of consulting on China - we don't do entry level work - we won't show you where China is on the map and explain the basics. You call us later, when you are already working in China and need solutions. Our staff have lived in China, ran companies, factories, etc. and speak the language.

We also want our clients to know that we are balanced on both sides of the Pacific - we respect the way business is done here, and we respect the way business is done in China. We are the "mother theresa" of the consulting world - we just want to promote understanding to reduce the tension level. It doesn't have to be mean and confrontational. We can handle it if it has become that negative, but the goal is to get everyone back to a better working relationship.


The two existing designs have a swoosh of the Chinese flag and the US flag, with the company name clearly spelled out. So there is red (blood red), blue (navy blue) and black in the logos.

I like crisp, clean designs that have subtle communication of the company's purpose. It needs to be able to be clear on a business card, a power point, on folders, letterhead and online.

The new logo for "China Resource Training" should incorporate similar imagery as the existing two logo's, but still have a distinctive look. And that is the challenge - not to just change the name and use the same art, but to really make it distinctive without losing the connection.

The new logo for "International Resource Development" should have a completely different look from any of our other logos - very very coporate generic. Our previous company name had a cube of 9 grey circles, with the top right circle in an orange red. That was fine. But the new company name is much longer and needs to work with the logo better. It could be a play on the cube logo. It could be a play on a globe (though I think that is often over used). I am open - thats why you are here!


No Chinese characters - unless you are living in China right now and have friends in the north, south, east and west you won't be able to really comment on the subtleties of what that character means.

Nothing soft or feminine - its a man's world in the corporate world (not that I am promoting that, but facts are facts) and we have to deal with it. So it needs to be a more defined, corporate looking logo.

Sorry - but no fun textural hip ethnic looks!



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