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Pivot Point Security

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Information Security

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Communications, Educational, Financial, Information Security, etc.

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OSCAR is smart, OSCAR is always watching, OSCAR is simple

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Caricature only. Not too realistic but not too fake. A mid-range is what we're looking for. Imagine a caricature of the Mac Guy from the Apple commercials

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no preference

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no preference

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Website, invoices, possible print

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This beta announcement should help give you an idea about OSCAR.
It sounds a bit odd referring to me as beta after all I have been in continuous operation for almost 7 years in one of the worlds largest carrier class networks and for several years in a conventional Security Operations Center. During that time I have learned a lot by processing about a half a TRILLION security events (from from IDS sensors, firewalls, web proxies, vpns, and unix/windows event logs), most notably that;

Conventional Security Operations Centers manned with teams of really smart security personnel are the wrong solution for many organizations. Simply put, it is exceptionally challenging to give these personnel enough contextual information about your operations to enable them to accurately identify incidents and/or initiate incident response on your behalf. Yet you pay them to, every hour of every day.
Fixed correlation rules and limit based event identification mechanisms (e.g., signatures) dont really work because your operations, threat vectors, technology are constantly changing.

Thats where Im different, those half a trillion evens have taught me a lot about automatically detecting anomalous behavior by looking for unexpected statistical deviations from an ever evolving base-line. Better yet, I work a lot cheaper (.25 kw/hour !) than those really smart SOC guys our competitors employ. Which means that we can offer basic monitoring at little to no cost. Dont worry, if you actually need some help in the event of an actual security event, we have lots of really smart guys that can help you respond as well, the big difference is that you are only paying for them when you actually need them.

It looks like I will be wearing the beta name tag until we get all of the kinks worked out with me running in our own data center. Theres lots more to me than just security event detection and response. I provide a security event dashboard, custom reporting, compliance reporting, off site archiving of event logs to meet regulations, and more. If you would like to be considered to participate in our free beta program please fill out the beta signup form.



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