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Health Care & Biotech

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BridgeSource Medical is an Engineering firm that specializes in biomedical Instrumentation design and invention. My personal experience Is heavily cardiac based, and my previous company designed electronics that reside on Implantable cardiac devices, like pacemakers and defibrillators. The work we do often includes the custom design and programming of a tiny computer (an embedded system, or microprocessor), that controls the operation of a new medical device. We are a team of PhDs in various engineering disciplines (many electrical engineers, but some biomedical, mechanical, and software), that work on groundbreaking science, and translate it into a viable product to help diagnose, provide targeted treatment, and eventually heal people.

A large part of our work is collaborative with other scientists, doctors, engineers, and businesses. Typically, our Ideas are so new and unproven, that some basic science must still be done in order to determine whether or not it is possible. We are often funded by government grants to do this work, because we often work on problems that are significantly large medical problems affecting many people in the US (think implanted insulin pumps for diabetics, heart failure diagnostic devices for those with cardiac problems, blood flow monitoring for newborn babies at risk for disease, etc). Once we have proven the device or process Is possible, we work hard to make the idea a reality, and then transfer the Idea to a manufacturer, and repeat.


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BridgeSource Medical

Top 3 Things

Invention, Electronics, the practice of Medicine


The logo should look good both in print, and on screen. This includes looking good on a full color business card, on our website, and also when printed in grayscale (for example, on a contract). It is acceptable to submit a separate grayscale version if the colors do not translate well to print. The graphic portion of the logo (if there is one) should be recognizable enough that it could be used without the name of the company, or in place of the name of the company.

Additional Info

Please capitalize the "S" in BridgeSource (or make it look like it could be capitalized if your choice font doesn't allow for it).

I'd like to get the final design of the logo in a vector format that can be resized without loss of resolution. I have access to Adobe Illustrator, so this is preferred.

Take a look at the logos for major pacemaker companies, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical (now Abbott), Biotronik. These were competitors to my previous business. Out of the three, I think Medtronic's logo is the best, because it is still simple, while illustrating their goal (to get patients back on their feet). My business is quite a bit more broad than this, focusing on any major organ, but I have the most experience with cardiac (heart related) technology, so I am more drawn to those types of designs, although as you can see from the above examples, it isn't necessary to put a heart on the logo.



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