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There are no client updates at this time.

Let me tell you about us:

We do software consulting for giant ecommerce sites. Specialists in AJAX and web 2.0 infrastructure. We also do visualization and reporting for hedgefunds.

Bodukai -- about the name:


Bo = like flow

Du = like Mountain Dew

Kai - like "Guy" with a K

Three syllables

I think emphasis on first syllable

Might mean a "daydreamer." But we don't have to stick to that imagery. I've been investigating possible Chinese characters to represent it, but at this point we're wide open.

young, brash, and expensive (we're experts.)

consulting and product development (advanced AJAX and powerful back-ends.)

multinational (ofces in SF and Central America, afliates elsewhere.)

good guys (we can sleep at night, time permitting.)

Our style:

available (we're near the ballpark.)

informal (light on process.)

mentoring (we can point you in the

right direction.)

exible (these projects can be

resized if necessary.)

demanding (work must be good.)

fun (life is short.)

http://bodukai.com/ -- most well known for building the front-end for endless.com -- see other clients on our home page.

We have many products, in many spaces (web search, e-commerce, financial, games, personal management, etc.)

Here is what we need:

A logo for our company. We like it colorful. A silhouette might be okay or an anthropomorphized animal might work.

After this project we will need a new site as well, followed by stationary.

We are looking for a professional yet edgy logo. Something that lets them people that we are seasoned experts but also gives off an aura of creativity and innovation.

Maybe a sports metaphor - The company as the league, the programs as teams in the league? We're open to this with some caveats.

Possible Colors:

1. Color palette of Aladdin the Disney movie. Purple and orange. Obviously overdone could make us look like a bruised clown. but done right could be powerful .http://www.flickr.com/photos/83716327@N00/23608688

2. Denver nuggets colors - http://www.nba.com/nuggets/

3. KC Royals: http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?pr...

Here are some color schemes we like as well:





Easily reproduced in black and white.

Easy to read. Easily can be put on a website, printed materials, business cards, etc.

But we are open to suggestions

Elegant, classy, creative and strong -- all in one.

Our target audience is:

Companies looking for Ajax help (i.e. Amazon.com )

Search companies

Data visualization companies


Definitely lots of e-commerce companies

We like these designs:


Our design absolutely must have:

A logo and text. Logo can be a clever merger of the letters "B" "D" "K" (like: http://www.zooyork.com/ )

Logo above the name: (example: http://www.rearden.com/index.html )

Things we don't like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

No images of people. Not cluttered.

Nothing like this:




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