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The Northern Community Internet is a project of Northern Community Radio. We are creating a network of internet sites with one in each small town in the listening area. The central access to these sites is www.northerncommunityinternet.org, but each community has its own domain. The idea is to pull together in one place all the internet content by and about that community so that people can find it.

We want to be as inclusive as possible and not to compete with other local web sites, but promote them. A lot of the information on the websites is aggregated. For instance, we have news and blog feeds that combine all the content created in a community but link back to the creators site. We also have a search that includes only local web sites so that people in the town of Virginia Minnesota can find things in Minnesota, not Virginia.

As part of the project there have been a series of trainings for people to do Community Journalism. The project has also received a national grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the Community Supported Journalism project. This project is testing a funding model for supporting local journalism with community contributions and underwriting.

Northern Community Radio is a non-profit that operates KAXE, an independent community radio station in Northern Minnesota. It defines its mission as using radio and other electronic media to strengthen local communities. The radio station web site is www.kaxe.org where you can listen to its audio stream. The web project is separate from the radio station, but it serves the same purpose. Strengthening our local communities.

To give a sense of the size of some of the communities, Grand Rapids has about 8,000 people, Bemidji 12,000, Blackduck 400, Hibbing 18,000, Virginia 5,000 and Cass Lake 200. The surrounding areas have more people. One part of the area is the Iron Range which extends for 150 miles from Ely to Cohasset. This is open pit mining and taconite. The area is also characterized by numerous lakes, swamps and jackpine forests as well as large stands of birch and aspen. The Mississippi River headwaters is in the region and runs through several of the communities. There are two other watersheds besides the Mississippi, one to Lake Superior, one to Hudson Bay.


We need a logo that we can use on a t-shirt initially, but also to brand the project in other ways. We have used a screenshot for that purpose up until now. We need something that captures the intersection of local community, Northern Minnesota, the internet and people. Not necessarily technology, but the connecting of people.


The people who live in small towns in northern Minnesota and either make use or should make use of the internet. This includes content creators as well as people who use the internet for communications and research. It needs to appeal to all ages, the KAXE radio audience is older, but one of the goals of the project is to reach beyond that audience.


www.northerncommunityinternet.org, but we are very open to novel designs that capture people's attention



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