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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The first industry trade journal for the colon hydrotherapy industry. For additional information on how colon hydrotherapy is defined visit http://www.colonlove.com OR http://www.comprehensive.ws/colonics.htm... OR http://www.wholebodymed.com/library_educ....

The industry is in the midst of a revolution as it blossoms into a respected profession. Colonic Today, the first online industry trade journal, will demonstrate the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy by highlighting industry relevance on societal health and its economic impact on revenue through articles, interviews, essays, poll data, message boards & blogs.

What do you need?

A logo which speaks to bridging the gap between colon hydrotherapist and medical community for benefit of the patient/client. The colon hydrotherapist client is the same person as the medical physician patient. There should be communication between the two industries. The logo shows commitment to fostering collaborative relationships between the colon therapist and medical community.

The logo projects professionalism, education and scientific stability.

Who Is Your Audience?

The colon hydrotherapy practitioners and the medical community to include MDs, NDs, DOs, DCs, DDS, nurse practitioners and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Ages 30 - 80ish


We Like These Examples

There is nothing available like this logo. Most industry logos have world globes with colons or just a name. This is the 1st trade journal in a niche market at the beginning stages of becoming mainstream. Whomever locks in this logo has a wonderful addition to their portfolio!

We Absolutely Must Have

Journal Name: Colonic Today
Tagline: Cleansing for Health
Colors: Navy Blue, Clover Green (A shade of green between lime and hunter green) and White
Website: www.ColonicToday.com
No pictures of Colons please!
Something with water is a definite possibility but not absolute
Stay away from well-known medical symbols
Must be unique



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