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We are a church in Olathe, KS. Our brand promise is that we strive to be Welcoming, Accepting, Christ-Centered, User-friendly, and Authentic. We sift everything we do through these words. Our target audience is our five-mile radius, which has a majority of affluent, white, young families. Our inner core consists of low-income, diverse neighborhoods, so we are balancing those two audiences. The audience for this item targets the youth 11-18 years in our church and neighborhood, but should point back to the brand as a whole.


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Logo Text

College Church Youth

Top 3 Things

Negative space, dynamic, vibrant


For the text: "Youth" should be the dominant message. "College Church" must be present, but can be secondary in the design. We are also hoping for the opportunity to differentiate this artwork to different audiences in the department by adding a small amount of text occasionally. This would include "Middle School" and "High School" each used separately.
Shape is one of the characteristics of a logo that we are really interested in. We want the overall shape of the logo to create something that is iconic in nature. While shape is important to us, we also want to ensure that additional graphics/icons/characters are not introduced. The existing icon (see attached) may be used (not required) but please no additional stars, swooshes, plants/animals, etc., the shape should simply “hold” the font. Negative space in the shaping is important to this project. We are hoping to see some energy and that this will be scalable - given the audience, we'll be using this more heavily on social media and want to ensure this could look good as a profile picture on Instagram.
Color is actually more robust in choice than the three we selected, we just don't want to use a ton of Red, and we do want the colors to be compatible with our primary color palette: 167/169/172; 88/89/91; 57/107/157; 119/179/226

Additional Info

It's really important to us that this artwork points back to the overall brand of College Church. We don't want to create an entirely new brand or new concept with this artwork, but rather something that fits really well with what's existing. We want the youth to know they are part of something bigger than themselves or their group. Not only is this settling as they move through different departments, but it provides a sense of belonging to the greater church. It is our desire that this integration be reflected in our logo design for their area. The primary logo and our existing icon are attached below for reference. We've also included two images that help explain what we're looking for. Here's some feedback regarding those two items:
Inspiration #1: We like how the circle holds the artwork.
Inspiration #2: We like the use of negative space in the icon, as well as the fact that there are two options that can be used. Although we realize our framework removes the opportunity for an icon like this, we like the design styling.



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