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RedTeam provides a centralized and cloud-based project management and construction financials software platform that was built by people who know this business. From collaboration through accountability, RedTeam is the most complete Project Management and Construction Financials solution for commercial general contractors. We help businesses by providing a software they can use to manage their project from beginning to end.

Our primary customers are commercial general contractors. We are not a good fit for a local handyman - this product is designed for larger-scale projects like schools, libraries, stadiums, and municipal buildings.

We are looking to have that sense of scale and professionalism reflected in our logo.


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Top 3 Things

Technology/Cloud based software. Collaboration - customers are partners, not customers. Established/Trustworthy.


We want to establish customer trust right away. They should understand that we are not operating out of a garage - we are a well established company with professionally developed software. We are a growing, modern company.

We are drawn toward sleek, modern styles that avoid overly feminine stylings. We like an uncomplicated aesthetic - clean, crisp, and minimalist.

Avoid using any simple tools in the design (no hammers, wrenches, etc.) as they do not illustrate the larger, more powerful scale of projects that we undertake.

We are looking for an impactful, but modern/high tech design that will look great on a variety of platforms and mediums. (Social media, websites, apparel, business cards, etc.)

Do not feel limited in color choice. We are open to taking new directions in our color palette despite our name having "Red" in it. But we would love to see if the color red gets combined with an accent color to brighten our brand and website. Our logo does not neccesary have to match our current website in terms of design. We are trying to rebrand the company.

Additional Info

Our competitors include Procore, Viewpoint, Builderbox, Aconex, and Autodesk.

We really liked the logo that Autodesk currently has (https://www.autodesk.com/). A 3D type of logo is what we mean by having a crisp look. Here is a link to something we liked: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oI2A3QaMrW...

Attached you will see RT logo, and RT logo 1. That was made by a previous designer. We did NOT like those logos. We currently use RT for our social media platform, or any short version for our logo. But we are not limited to just using the letter 'R' instead of RT. Or something different that can set us apart from our competitors, and give us a fresh look.

Here is the link to our website: redteam.com



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