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Bar & Nightclub

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Entertainment and live music for desert party goers, fans of burning man festival, fans of cochella, lovers of EDM


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Logo Text

"trashpanda" or "trashpanda://"

Top 3 Things

this DJ is not pretentious, he's clever, he's fun and he works his ass off to connect you with the music until the sun comes up


it's understated, minimal, modern and a tiny bit cheeky. it's not too serious, but still extremely high quality. it seemlessly blends the concepts of DJ, dance, raccoon and music with the just the right amount of detail and nothing extra

Additional Info

We need a single logo for a up-and-coming DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area. The DJ's name is "trashpanda". The term trash panda refers to raccoons that are common in our area (and elsewhere). The DJ plays mostly Electronic Dance, Deep Bass, Cowboy Techno, and Melodic House to the tech savvy audience in the San Francisco area. The DJ himself is an Intellectual, thoughtful, soft spoken, guy that has a ‘quiet intensity’. He enjoys both nerdy and naughty humor and likes puns. He is very well traveled and over time has developed a strong affinity for European languages, culture, music. Inspired by: cowboy techno, rainforest icaros (magic), and sunrises in the Nevada desert. OH, and this guys loves big speakers and lots of bass



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