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Cameo Content

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The company's website and portfolio can be found at:


In addition to creating our own short form content for the web (www.awkwarduniverse.com) and developing a slate of feature films and documentaries, our day-to-day business revolves around commercial production and concept development.

Many brands today are tired of the "traditional" concepts and costs they've received through agencies and production companies. They are looking for new ideas that really speak to a modern generation and an approach that takes advantage of the access to technology in the world today to drive down cost.

Additionally, companies are aware that most audiences today don't want to be "sold to", but rather to associate themselves with stories, characters and figures that they relate to -- and by extension the brands that are involved with these stories.

Cameo Content lives at the apex where fresh ideas and stories and economical production through technology meet.

Our clients have included: Coke Zero, Nokia, Close Up Tooth Paste, Google and many others.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1. We are a company that takes a modern and creative approach to create and produce fresh ideas at an incredible value. We want the logo to reflect our ability to look at and do things in a new way.

2. As a small, boutique and independent production company, we are not confined to the limits or stagnant ideas of a larger, corporate company. The logo should express a youth and freshness only available at Cameo Content.

3. The idea of a "Cameo" is something well known making an appearance in a way you wouldn't expect. We do not like to do traditional advertising, but instead create stories and characters that are relatable to a company's target market, and naturally incorporate the product into the story either physically or thematically.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We like simple, minimalistic logos. Ideally we'd use this both as a stand alone image logo, and also as a logo with text. Or if the image and the logo are cleverly incorporate to be one and the same that would be the home run.



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