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We are a small IT consulting company and we are planning of redesigning our site. We like crowdsprings concept and we want to start with a simple project.

Clean-up our logo and logotype:

Our logo consists of 9 spheres. The centered spheres are connected together (looks like they have been pulled and separated) to form the letter M. Our logotype consists of the logo plus the word systemania in lower case with the letter m in the same color as the formed M inside the logo. The phrase IT Solutions is beneath the word systemania.

What we need is someone to clean up our existing logo since it was never done properly. We do not want a different logo but if someone can add an interesting variance to it that we like we might consider it. We want to create banners, stickers and other promotional material so we need the ability to scale the logo (vector). Groups must be used for the various layers. We want our logo to be proportional and mathematically correct.

Colors: We like the colors we have in our excising logo but please try to experiment with different shades or different color combinations all together.

Logo symmetry: This is important. Each sphere should be an equal distance between another one down to the pixel. Each sphere should have the same dimensions. Light source should be affecting the shapes that connect the five spheres that form the M. Light source should be affecting the logo and not the word systemania unless someone comes up with an interesting design.

Logotype: The m in systemania should be in lower case. The word systemania is trademarked so it should carry the trademark symbol (TM). The color of the word systemania should be the same that of the spheres and the m in systemania should be the same color as the formed M by the spheres.

We added in this project images of the existing logo.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to emails us at: project.logo@systemania.com



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