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We are a company that is considering the creation of a new logo. I do not want to limit the creativity of logo designs, so I will keep the creative brief short.

The name for the logo is Pluck Media with the emphasis on the word Pluck.

Background / Overview:

The internet is full of article, video and other content. The core of our service is distributing content to our partners. In many cases, our partners get content from us by using our simple online tools. Our partners see large growth by adding our content to their site.

Our Audience:

Our primary target audience is B2B, press, and investors.


1. Dynamic, experienced, contemporary, exciting, friendly, simple and communicates we are leader.

2. Clean, semi-corporate, high production value, high visibility

3. Strong yet approachable typeface. I prefer a subtle and unique modification to the typeface or a character of the typeface.

4. I am looking for a mark/icon/mark that goes with the logo and can be separated and used independently when necessary. The mark can be playful. It should be simple, and have a meaning that relates to or offering ease of use and/or growth and/or picking or plucking

5. The logo should include at least two colors, but should not exceed three. The primary color should be a conservative corporate color.

6. The logo should be designed so that it can translate in one color and can be knocked out (white over a background color).

Competitive Positioning:

Our offering is unique in the current internet content landscape, in that our product is very easy to use.



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