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Let me tell you about us.

The text should included in part of logo, Cirrus (either sentence case or uppercase). At Cirrus, we offering Advice to management, a management consulting company focusing in developing/assessing strategies for creating a new company or a new line of business. I've been a year in this business, although I personally have been doing these type of business analyses for over 10 years.

Here is what we need:

Logo design, will use on website and stationary. I hope with this new brand, have a consistent image that people that can remember when they need services like the ones I provide.

Our target audience is:

High level executives of medium to large companies. Other consulting companies and/or/VC firms needing access to my expertise on a project basis

We like these designs:

Corporate, exclusive, premium, Professionalism, confidence, experience, and serious. And the message from new brand is analytical process, simple answers to your problems

Our design absolutely must have:

Symbol. Cirrus-type clouds is the only one that comes to mind. Blue and related palette, as it reflects both the cloud motif and a sense of cool efficiency based on factual analyses as opposed to emotions or hunches. Also for typestyle, I preferred Heavy, sans serif, not handwritten

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Browns, pastels color.

Some our competitors:

Red Team Consulting, small local company, their logo is pretty boring (almost an afterthought) but is simple enough (http://www.redteamconsulting.com/clients...)

Eagle Hill Consulting, another small local firm. Their logo is simple, although to be honest I dont know what it means (http://www.eaglehillconsulting.com/about...)

Solution Matrix, a company in Boston offering a similar service. Their logo is nonexistent. http://www.solutionmatrix.com/index.html

Product Development Consulting. Although what they do is a little different, I like what their logo represents: business success in the form of a stylized profits chart. (http://www.pdcinc.com/)

MRSI. Logos based on an acronym tend to be boring, but this one takes the cake (http://www.mrsi.com/index.html)

ZS Associates. Although it has also an acronym as its logo, at least they tried to do something with it, thus I like it (http://www.zsassociates.com/)



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