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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a Non-Profit Musical Theatre that develops and produces new musicals. We are applying one very unique resource to our development model: Chicagos remarkably educated theatre fans. These individuals will become Chicago Muse member base who will become actively engaged in a while new way. Tons of research shows arts patrons are earning for authentic interaction with the artistic process. We are going to give it to them.

Anybody can become a member. Our members decide which musicals are worth producing by participating in the evaluation of submitted projects. In an on-line experience, the membership body reads and listens to the shows, evaluating them based upon a series of questions crafted by a panel of musical theatre experts, that provides context to the creation of the piece. They tell us what current theatre-goers would like to see AND they are now involved and supportive of its success.

We feel this new model, which leverages the expertise and passion of theatre patrons, has the potential to fundamentally change the dynamic of how music theatre is created, developed and produced. The perspective provided to the audience enhances their comprehension and appreciation of the creation process and builds a passionate fan base. By respecting the intelligence of members willing to spend hours reading scripts, and honoring this work by giving them a vote, Chicago Muse democratizes artistic production and opens the door for sustained dialogue leading to cultural change and a deeper more meaningful experience for all.

What do you need?

A company logo.

Who Is Your Audience?

24-64 year old, educated, professional, woman, with a household income of more than $100,000 annually and the LGTB community.


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