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Chess Media Group is a social media consultancy providing consulting, strategic planning, social media auditing, and education and training. We require a logo design that project to our clients that we are a professional, modern, and fresh company that has a friendly and fun ethos. Our tagline is The Business of Social Media


We work with businesses looking for social media services. They have anywhere from 25 100+ employees and are interested in and see value in using social media to meet their business and marketing objectives. We like working with businesses that are looking for a creative, young, fresh and passionate consultancy that has both the expertise and passion to create and execute an innovative and creative social media strategy where the objectives have a measurable impact on their brand and ROI to their bottom-line. Our clients especially appreciate our ability to communicate with them in non-technical jargon and on a "human" level in plain English!



We want the look and feel to appear fresh, modern, clean, slightly fun, professional/well-established.

We are not looking for an over complicated logo. Our whole business brand is based on being friendly, approachable, easy to understand, and professional so the logo must reflect this.

We are looking for a simple logo design, typeface, and colors, and not just typography. A type-based logo only is too simple.

We would like integration with the type and designed icon, so whether this is using colors or by actually making the icon link in with the text physically, they need to look "together" and work together. No stock icons please!


We like logos that use a design to bring meaning to the name and the company name is incorporated into the graphic.

We dont like designs with a graphic that exists separate from the name of the company. If we do this, we need a graphic that is strong enough to stand and be recognizable on its own. It must be unique and creative.


Regarding a format of the logo, we are open to creative ideas however logos we like usually are horizontal: an icon is incorporated into the company name or the company name is incorporated into the icon.

We want a stacked logo, ie. Chess Media on one line, Group under it. It is more flexible enough to use in different applications from web sites to a business card. Chess Media must be the dominant words. Group must be present but is secondary. Our company name must be shown as three separate words.

The color we like is green. You can also consider integrating traditional chess game colors, like black, white, ivory as well as well wood colors: mahogany and oak. We do not want a black and white only logo. We would like our image to be and feel lively.

The typeface must be contemporary with a fun twist.

Our tagline is The Business of Social Media which speaks to our belief that any social media efforts should cause quantifiable financial and brand building results

Our logo should convey a balance between freshness and maturity.

Needs to work both in colour and B&W.


Two versions of our logo, one with and one without our tagline.

A colour version and a B&W version.

A favatar.



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