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Sports Tournament Company - Primarly baseball but could branch out to others like flag football, etc...


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I chose my business name because it fits and also because my initial thought was to use the letters C & T and shape them like baseball home plate. The C would be the left side of the plate and the T the right side of the plate.

It would probably be good to have the full name on the logo.

I put down reds and blues as my color choice, but I am open to other colors as well. I like orange shades and white and other color combinations as well.

Additional Info

Again, my initial thought was to shape the C and T as a baseball home plate. Those letters work well together to do that. The right side of the top of the T would hang over or whatever you decide to do with it. The home plate doesnt have to connect perfectly. They dont have to be straight lines as im open to your creative direction.

Again Im open to different colors combos. I like red/blue/white, orange/blue/white, light green/orange combos. I want something that looks good. My initial thought was red,white and blue.

I am attaching some terrible sketches i created. You dont need to perfectly duplicate it, im just asking you to bring it to life and make it way better!



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