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Here is what we need:

The real challenge to this new fast growing Roman Catholic schools mascot is that the rules around our mascot are different than in many schools. The mascot can not be an animal or an individual. Specifically it needed to be a mascot that represents an authentic Christian value. Animals were not allowed

Recently the school voted for Seraphim (Go Seraphs!) as the new mascot

What are the Seraphim?

A special class of heavenly attendants of Gods court

The name is often times derived from the

Hebrew verb saraph ("to consume with fire")

The seraphim stand before God as ministering servants in the heavenly court.

In Christian theology, the seraphim occupy with the cherubim the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy

These are not fluffy angels, they are tough, masculine, strong

Now we need a very cool logo. Keep in mind that this is a conservative Roman Catholic school. Very loyal to the pope, for example.

The logo would be used on t shirts, stationery, sports uniforms, stadium cushions, gym walls, buttons, etc. All the stuff a school would need including yearbooks, school newspapers and websites.

Our target audience is:

Students and their parents. We also want to look neat at sporting events. Masculine, strong, brave,loyal, integrity. All Christian values

Again keep in mind that we are an academic and authentically Catholic school.

see our website to see how we are different from other schools or other Catholic schools www.eastlakeacademy.org

We like these designs:

We are wide open, but it may need to be in three dimensions one day too. i.e. walking around the stands at a game. Our colors are red, white and green. Navy blue works too. SInce Seraphs are associated with good heavenly fire, we could see red as our primary sports color

Our design absolutely must have:

see our website for the way we present ourselves: www.eastlakeacademy.org



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