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Aquinas & More is an online Catholic book and gift store which also sells church supplies. We have been in business for over 15+ years and only sell online. We have limited brand awareness so need our initial impression to portray our trustworthiness. Our target audience is based primarily in the United States but occassionaly do have international customers. They are Catholics who regularly attend weekly mass and sometimes even daily mass. The majority of buyers are female but it has to appeal to male buyers as well. Currently the clientale are older (35+) but we are trying to appeal to a younger audience as well in the future. Our key differentiators are: 1) Quality product with a good mix of mainstream plus uniqueness. 2) Great customer service. 3) Donate 10% of profits to Catholic related charities around Poor/Elderly, Pro-Life, Education/Youth and Vocations. 4) Try to hire hard to employ to provide "Dignity of Work". 5) Faithfully Catholic. 6) Easy to use website with a modern shopping experience. The tone of our content is authentic, authoritative with a little humor thrown in.


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Aquinas & More or Aquinas and More (tag line: Catholic Gifts for Good)

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Quality, Faithful, Modern



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I don't want to sway one way or the other and open to all kinds of ideas but one thing might be a play on saint or saints or two saints. The parent company is Catholic Door and their logo is included here just for reference.



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