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cartoonists.org is a group of prominent cartoonists who assist charitable organizations to raise funds through the donation of their art and personal appearances for fundraising events.


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rethinking cartoons as collectible art, the fun and magic of cartooning, raising funds with cartoons


Bold, suggestive of cartoon elements, art-world/gallery-world elements

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cartoonists.org has just begun, and already, we're finding our art leading to surprising places. One cartoon art piece, a signed giclée print, is being auctioned at an event by one of the top Weather Channel correspondents for a charitable cause. We're starting to show up in galleries with shows dedicated to our cartoon art and raising charitable funds. We see this bringing single-panel cartoons directly into the art-buying world, so we actually have a dual purpose. One is to use our cartoons to help make the world a better place. What an honor to get to do that with our cartoons. The other is to awaken the art-buying world to single-panel cartoons as a viable, investible art form worthy of their consideration and collection. So it is to raise the profile of the art form in the art world.



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