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Urban Fashionistas who make a statement with their headwear will only wear a ball cap if it continues to maintain its fresh and newly-purchased appearance. They are likely to own a collection of discarded caps that are stained, misshaped or ball caps that just never fit properly. The CapGod system rescues these caps and offers consumers a tremendous value proposition. Consumers will no longer have to worry that if they attempt to clean their premium caps that they will ruin them.

CapGod is the first consumer-based premium ball cap maintenance and restoration system that consists of a beautifully sculptured, two-piece ventilated 59Fifty stylized ball cap. Internally the system would feature a vigorous steaming system, a powerful high-velocity hot air distribution system, and a high strength screw drive crank system.

These system provides the blocking, stretching and restoration capabilities millions of consumers are actively seeking for their premium ball cap collections. Additionally, these lightweight, electrical-mechanical, portable systems would be engineered into an amazingly beautiful, high fashion, eye-catching contemporary showpiece.

Consumers are provided a solution wherein they would no longer have to worry that if they attempt to clean their premium caps that they will ruin them. No other system exist in the retail arena that provides simultaneous ball cap Steaming, Blocking, Stretching and Drying for home use.

CapGod’s primary target market will be driven by men between the ages of 16 to 35. Our buyer demographic consist of a multitude of diverse ethnicities, all of which regard their premium ball caps as an indispensable fashion accessory. Sneakerheads!


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CapGod, as the first consumer-based ball cap maintenance and restoration system, offers ball cap connoisseurs the luxury of professionally Steaming, Blocking, Stretching and Drying caps at home.
More than just function, CapGod is an Exhibition of Style, Swag, Cool, and Exclusivity. The unique and attractive styling of the CapGod Maintenance and Restoration System positions it to benefit from the same level of collectability and fanfare as the premium ball caps it was designed to service. CapGod will easily become the next "must have" item in premium ball cap fashion.



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