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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Caffe Amouri.

Located in Vienna, Virgina, Caffe Amouri has, at it's heart, a sense of Community. The Mission statement for Caffe Amouri is Quality, Community, Sustainability.

Caffe Amouri will be a true community coffeehouse. The key ingredients to the 'house will be a commitment to quality and customer service. Both of these will be accomplished through extensive training of the employees in the art and science of both Coffee and Tea.

Roasting coffee on premise will ensure that the customers will receive the freshest brews and espresso based drinks possible. In fact, Coffee begins to go "rancid" after a mere 7 days. Caffe Amouri's "from the roaster to your cup" mentality will epitomize what we're all about.

Caffe Amouri will be just as serious about tea. We will be carrying many "loose leaf" teas. When customers order a hot tea, the leaves will be placed into a silk pouch and steeped in the cup. Customers can also get in-house two person tea pots and two person French Press for coffee.

Caffe Amouri will also offer Italian Soda's and Italian Cream sodas.

But the heart of Caffe Amouri is it's coffee and espresso drinks.

We will also be hanging and selling localy produced art work as well as coffee related items such as jams, coffee mugs, etc...

Caffe Amouri is located in Vienna, Va., a suburb of Washington D.C.. Vienna is an interesting place that strives to maintain a small town feel buried within the hustle and bustle that is the entire Washington, D.C. area.

Hot Chocolate? made from Belgian Chocolate discs. Pasteries? A local baker using only butter and cream....no preservatives.

On the condiment bar you will find wooden stirrers and Linguine to stir your drinks....no plastic.

Cold cups, although significantly more expensive, will be made from corn starch so they will bio-degrade in landfills. We're trying to reduce our "footprint".

Employees will be exsquisitly trained so they can speak to the customers about the difference between a Brazil and an Ethiopian bean as easily as they can tell how long to steep an Oolong vs. a black tea.

We will be hosting open mic nights for local musicians (and playing really kick butt music through the sound system) as well as making space available for our high school poetry club for readings or the Vienna Photo society for a show. Music and art is important to the branding of caffe amouri. Local music and art.

In an effort to further reduce our "footprint" we will be offering free filtered water to anyone who comes in off of the W&OD bike path, which is the longest continuous bike path in the country - over 40 miles, with a water bottle to be filled. No plastic water bottles sold.

What do you need?

I am looking for a logo that epitomizes our mission statement.....Quality, community and sustainability. This might sound strange, but I'd like it to be "cool", not "hip". As I told my daughter when she was young, hip is transient, cool is forever.

Our colors in the shop are a burnt orange and cream(ish). I'd like to keep colors simple so it doesn't cost too to reproduce for letterheads and advertisements. Also one that could be rendered as, Dperhaps, white on the Burnt Orange for T-Shirts.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our first target market is described as being "Those who shop at or like the idea of shopping at Whole Foods". We are seeking to reach those who like the idea of a small shop competing with the Starbucks out there. Who like and enjoy freshness and superior quality and product knowledge. We will also get the morning commuters and high school students as well as those that are looking for healthier alternatives such as our hand shaken iced teas and italian sodas.


We Like These Examples

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We Absolutely Must Have

Caffe Amouri - Note that Caffe is Italian for Coffee. I believe that the proper spelling has an "accent" over the e.



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