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We are a purveyor of fine, hand crafted goods mainly gear toward the bearded man. We want to evoke the days when a man with a beard knew how to change a tire and was a man amongst men. Not a hipster. We will also sell t-shirts for men and women as well as have a area called "Items of Intrigue" when you can find thing that even the man with "everything" won't have. Wild Bill Hickock's boot knife. Jesse James' mother's mourning veil that she wore to his funeral, a patch of wall paper from the room that Lincon died in, etc.


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Busted Anvil

Top 3 Things

1. 1880s Blacksmith Shop - Hard work. Hot. Sweaty. Manly.
2. What is the toughest thing we could think of? An anvil. Since we were kids it has never lost. When it is dropped on something, it wins the other thing loses. So, how do we convey tough? A well built man with a sledgehammer in his hand standing over a cracked anvil. Not broken in half, but obviously cracked. He looks slightly surpried, disappointed, but not cocky.
3. It must be a realistic drawing. As if it were drawn while you sat in the room. No cartoons. Must be black, white, gray, and a "pop" of the orange beard.


The winning logo conveys manliness and toughness without an ounce of cockyness. It has to be period and look like a late 19th century blacksmith shop where its hot and sweaty. Large anvil chained to a stump. We dont want see any color at all in the logo except the orange beard. The man should be tough looking but also look like he could clean up well and take his date out for fine wine and her favorite dinner. We are also going to play off of our initials "B A" as in Bad Ass. We want teh font to have a break in the upper left hand corner of the B and the upper left hand corner of the A. Our shirts will have different sayings on them like "You don't have to have a red beard to be "B A"...but it helps." The B and the A need to have the broken upper left corner. The rest of the letters should not be broken. I evnvision letter that looks like hand forged steel?? Think about how hard your grandfather worked to make enough to feed the family. When men were not whinners and knew how to build a barn with their bare hand and no power tools.

Additional Info

I would like to see the font provided for all of the letters of the alphabet so we can use it for custom shirts. Just the B and the A should be broken in the upper left. the rest of the letters should be whole. Would like the logo in as many possible formats as you are willing to provide. Must be atleast .jpg, and or .jpeg, and or .png



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