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BUD = a growth (like a plant)

URL = a web address/link

We are creating an application that has two core focuses. 1) shorten a URL for ease of use and 2) provide advanced analytics and click intelligence on these URLs that go beyond typical link counters. The idea is to "plant your seed and watch it grow." The emphasis is on BUD, as in growth and growing, not as in "Budweiser" or beer. Something that signifies growth, evolution, etc. While the service "shrinks" a URL, the focus isn't on shrinking, but on growth. You take something great (a website), you plant a seed (the budurl) and you watch it grow (the link intelligence and statistics).

Logos we like:




Bright colors are preferred. We're geeks so we like glossy, glassy, shiny, sparkly objects. If you can throw in some compatible colors that would go well with the logo, that's a bonus.

How it will be used

On our website, icons on social networks, etc.

What we don't want

Something dark, drab, or in muted colors. We prefer something that works well on a white background, but if that stifles your creativity, show us something that pops! After all, we're just geeks. You're the creative genius.



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