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Samsam Bubbleman's Bubble Inc.

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my name is Samsam Bubbleman (aka Sam Heath), and i run Bubble Inc. Bubble Inc is a company entirely devoted to soap bubbles! The world's only Bubble Specialists!
We are a highly unique company and looking for a highly unique logo.

We are looking to grow into a new larger sphere of business, and we need a logo that will root us firmly in the 21st Century and beyond and help us to take that next step.
Ideally we will end up with a logo that can be built up/stripped down and made into several versions - 1 for future packaging, 1 for a letterhead, 1 for the side of our vehicles. It could be that this is possible with just 1 logo, but if not, for this project we are mainly looking for the built up version more than the stripped down version.

I'm going to tell you a bit about Bubble Inc: I started the company in the year 2,000, although it grew from a hobby that stretched back to 1989. This began following my 'bubble epiphany.' I was sat in the countryside watching a bubble float across my field of vision, on a gentle breeze. It must have lasted 2 minutes, and i marvelled at it;s beauty - this floating sphere of colour and light! It was mesmerising! Then it popped and i was never even sure if it had been there in the first place! Like REAL magic!
I got hooked and eventually after 11 years, my hobby turned into my business.
Now the company has two arms - one is about retailing bubble toys both online and at outdoor events/music festivals. The other is about performing with soap bubbles - We have a number of different 'Bubbleologists', who perform for everything from kids parties to tv commercials. I myself hold 7 Guinness World Records for my bubbles (including the most people inside a soap bubble!) and have performed around the world for celebrities and royalty.
Check out our website - www.bubbleinc.co.uk.
Also, you should google 'Samsam Bubbleman' for some additional info/pictures of my work.

I am often compared to WILLY WONKA, and i would like to develop this into the logo.
One idea is that i appear in the logo as as a silhouette with a top hat on, making the bubbles around the graphic, like in the attached file "Bubble Frame"

I like the idea of the text being "Samsam Bubbleman's Bubble Inc." with 'Bubble Inc.' in bold and up front, with "Samsam Bubbleman's" written in italics above it and at an angle to it.
I am imagining the graphic being a bold explosion of bubbles and colour, something quite busy (but not diverting attention from the text), almost 3d, something that is trying to jump off the page.

I also want it to be appealing to both adults as well as children.

Having said this, I'm also open to ideas and would value someone's fresh approach to my logo which went in a completely different direction. This project needs vision and passion that mirrors the vision and passion that we hold for bubbles!

Good luck and enjoy!

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1) Fun
2) Excitement
3) Entertainment

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I'm not sure, but i'll know when i see it!
Things i like:
Willy Wonka

I do kinda like the logo for Fox & Sons (a uk estate agent, see 'estate agent sale boards.jpg' - i'm not sure i'm looking for the same thing, but i like it because it appeals to all ages, is colourful but spacious, and most importantly it stands out from the others)
I also like some of the artwork from Tim Burtons work, like in the image i've attached, because it seems to tap into 'imagination'
Another is Dr. Seuss (also attached).

I've also included a few of my favourite work pics, and a couple of logos of 2 other company that did something similar to me (tangent toys and Fan Yang).



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